African Palace Casino Responsible Gaming

African Palace Casino is dedicated to creating a safe environment in which you can enjoy your favourite past time. We want you to have and want you to come back every time so responsible gambling habits are our priority. We want users to maintain healthy and responsible gambling habits.

A responsible gambler:

  • Plays for fun and not for quick money
  • Is aware of the risk of the loss of money during gambling
  • Has a set budget for gambling that does not interfere with other necessities
  • Does not make money loans for gambling purposes
  • Does not let their gambling affect relationships
  • Knows when to stop

African Palace Casino employees reserve the right to make contact with [layers that they feel may have a gambling problem.  If there is a need, a player’s account may be frozen upon request or to protect the player in question. Contact our support team on call, email or chat if you would like to discuss matters regarding this.

If you suspect that your gambling is excessive and problematic, answer the Gamblers Anonymous Self-Assessment Questionnaire below to ascertain whether or not you have a problem:

  1. Does your gambling time overlap with your school or work times?
  2. Have you ever gambled to pay off debt or handle finances?
  3. Have you experience feelings of remorse and regret after gambling?
  4. Have you ever felt like gambling some more after winning?
  5. Have you used gambling as an escape from worry and trouble?
  6. Have you ever felt a strong urge to come back and recover your money to make up for losing?
  7. Have you ever gone over time with your gambling?
  8. Have you ever lost sleep over gambling?
  9. Have you ever gambled to celebrate?
  10. Have you experienced self-destructive behaviours and suicidal thoughts because of gambling?
  11. Have you ever done anything illegal to enable your gambling?
  12. Does conflict with other people make you want to gamble?
  13. Has gambling ever made you neglect family responsibilities?
  14. Have you ever borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  15. Have you ever sold anything to finance your gambling?
  16. Do you find gambling to be demotivating?
  17. Have you ever felt reluctant to use your gambling money for more important expense commitments?
  18. Have you gambled until you had no money left?
  19. Has gambling negatively affected your reputation?
  20. Has gambling caused misery on your family life?

If you answered “YES” to at least 7 of these questions then you may be a compulsive gambler. If you think you may have a problem we strongly recommend that you talk to someone who can help. Don’t let gambling ruin your life.