VIP Loyalty Program

Welcome to the African Palace Casino rewards program. We bet you’ll be inspired to play like a champion to reach the ultimate level of player luxury! Go for gold at every level and reap the rewards of all your gaming time and effort. Once you reach the top, it’s a WIN in every sense of the word. Enjoy exclusive advantages as you advance through each level with a more specialized VIP offer as you play along. Get faster customer service to keep gaming interruptions at bay.

Find strict safety and security regarding your transaction as an added bonus. We know peace of mind is important when you wager large funds. Once you get started, keep upping your game to stay on the path to gaming greatness. We’ve spared you some admin when you get to the higher levels by providing you with a dedicated VIP host to keep your hands light. Get the ball rolling by simply logging in and making your gaming presence known and you’ll find yourself in the VIP section in no time.

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